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The Brasserie by Traddiction: GC nouveau cuisine

December 18, 2016
The Brasserie by Traddiction has its very own master chef in charge, Ángel Palacios

If you’re after fine dining on your holiday, Gran Canaria might surprise you with the both the quality and quantity of restaurants able to cater for you on the island. This reflects Gran Canaria’s evolution from package-tour central to destination of the more stylish traveller. Which explains why Michelin-starred chef Ángel Palacios opened The Brasserie by Traddiction on the island in 2015.

One way of remembering a Gran Canaria holiday is with a fancy meal out. And fancy meals out don’t get much more showy than at Ángel Palacios‘ The Brasserie by Traddiction. With America’s Best New Chef 2003 the architect of yet another recipe for success.

We’ll show you how to get to The Brasserie by Traddiction, set up to establish a new culinary tradition. Before advising you about their eating and drinking options. Our three-part guide to this eatery will give you a taste of what you can expect to experience if you decide to book a meal there.

  1. The Brasserie by Traddiction: how to get there
  2. The Brasserie by Traddiction: what to drink
  3. The Brasserie by Traddiction: what to eat

1. The Brasserie by Traddiction: how to get there

The Brasserie by Traddiction forms part of the Sheraton Salobre Golf Resort. Its postal address is Calle Swing S/N and is easily reached by following the signs to the Sheraton from the GC-1. If travelling by car or taxi from the Faro de Maspalomas, allow around 15 minutes to complete your journey.

2. The Brasserie by Traddiction: what to drink

There’s Heineken on tap at The Brasserie by Traddiction. House whites and reds disappointingly come by way of Catalonia rather than the Canary Islands. More positively, the bar staff, snazzily attired in  wmatching denim shirts and trousers, are celebrated for mixing up some of the finest mojitos on the island and they also do a mean carajillo (espresso with cointreau).

3. The Brasserie by Traddiction: what to eat

There are four main menus offered by The Brasserie by Traddiction. Ranging from snacks to takeaway to restaurant to corporate. We’ll explain each in turn.

The snacks menu include burgers such as the Burger Brasserie (beef patty, bacon, Canarian goats cheese, avocado, and spicy mojo sauce) for €8. Popular takeaways, handy if you’re staying in the nearby villas, feature the Pizza Ibérica (topped with tomato, Manchego cheese, Iberian ham, and sweet Piquillo peppers) also priced at €8. The restaurant menu includes ham fashioned from tuna to share (€16), venison sirloin (€18), and oven-sauteed red fruits with toffee foam (€5).

The Brasserie by Tradicction is a popular corporate venue. They host many a Christmas party, for example. Where you and your firm could feast on such culinary treats as courgette flowers in tempura, grilled mussels with chilli and parsley presented in cans which we believe is becoming a bit of a culinary cliché, and traditionally al-dente Milanese risotto jazzed up with beef jerky.

Disclaimer: Mr Gran Canaria Local was invited by the British School of Gran Canaria to attend their Christmas dinner at The Brasserie by Traddiction. Prices for corporate events are available upon request. To avoid disappointment, book a lunch Friday to Sunday (1:00pm to 4:30pm) or dinner Tuesday to Sunday (7:00pm to 12:00am) by emailing or by phoning +34 674 355 984.