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The House, coworking in Gran Canaria

December 25, 2015
The exterior of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria's The House

If you could work anywhere in the world, would you continue doing so in an office that’s probably as grey as the day outside? We thought not. In these location-independent times, how about making your workplace a more tropical one?

That’s the thinking behind the new not-for-profit coworking space in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s Triana. The House is the brainchild of Secret Source‘s Richard Clarke, who long-time readers will remember as the architect of the Walking in Gran Canaria app. Richard invited us for a tour of his House and here’s what we made of it all.

  1. The House: where old meets new
  2. The House: open to all
  3. The House: join the queue

1. The House: where old meets new

At the risk of sounding like a hackneyed travel journalist, The House is the perfect blend of traditional and modern. Triana’s one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the Gran Canaria capital and its properties certainly show their age. Richard explains that whilst the city’s Santa Ana cathedral is an example of a Grade-1-listed property, The House occupies the upper echelons of a Grade-2-listed property dating back to the 1600s.

The new bits of The House are its coworkers. Secret Source are web developers themselves. Fellow members include design agency Muum design and M2 Properties, who specialize in the buying, restoring, and rental of Canarian properties.

2. The House: open to all

There’s an open-house policy at The House. When we arrived, Richard was occupied with an important-sounding phone call. So, we dropped by the desk of Honza, a Czech website whizz we’d met at the Gran Canaria Digital Nomads‘ Vegueta social the night before the morning after.

Honza explained that he was on his first workcation and was hoping that his boss would give the green light for more. Later, on the roof terrace, we ran into a telemarketer with dual Ivory Coast/Swedish nationality. The conversation, as it tends to do with Mr Gran Canaria Local, turned to football and the telemarketer revealed that he also works as a manager for players.

3. The House: join the queue

Whilst they’ll admit allcomers, The House currently is full up. And this despite only opening their doors on the 1st November, joining other coworking spaces in the Gran Canaria capital such as CoWorking Canarias. So, a place on the waiting list is the best you can hope for at the moment.

If you’re lucky, you can look forward to the likes of English Friday, which encourages the coworkers of all nationalities to converse in BritSpeak. Everybody tends to eat lunch together with food prepared at the well-equipped kitchen. And The House mates enjoyed a recent Christmas dinner out; at nearby María & Stuart Kitchen & Bar.

Facebook page:

Email address:

Opening hours: Daily from 8:00am through to 7:00pm

Postal address: Calle Travieso 10, 35002, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Phone number: 928 359 902

Prices: Membership (30€ per month): Use of meeting room and address, plus chance to take part in events, Hot Desk (100€ per month): Full use of all facilities, and Fixed Desk (130€): Full use of all facilities