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Things to do in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

February 9, 2018
Overview of Maspalomas

Welcome to our beautiful island. Whether you’re visiting Gran Canaria on holiday or making a new life here, we’re here to help. Come with us to Maspalomas.

Maspalomas is one of Gran Canaria’s most famous resorts. West of Playa del Inglés and east of Meloneras, it’s ideally situated for a holiday in the sun. Allow us to outline just exactly what there is to do here.

  1. Use Maspalomas as your base
  2. Cool down in Maspalomas
  3. Eat well in Maspalomas
  4. Explore Maspalomas

1. Use Maspalomas as your base

Chances are if you’re visiting Gran Canaria. you’ll be staying in one of the island’s resorts. And one of the most popular of these is Maspalomas. Along with neighbouring Playa del Inglés and next-but-one San Agustín, it forms an area which attracts more tourists than anywhere else in the whole of Europe.

Renowned chain Seaside Hotels have two places to stay here. Their Grand Hotel Residencia is one of the most exclusive hotels on Gran Canaria and earned a 9/10 Telegraph Travel rating. Just around their corner, their Palm Beach is rather more family friendly.

Maspalomas is also home to IFA Faro Hotel, an adults-only sleepover close to the lighthouse, the four-star all-inclusive Hotel Riu Palace Oasis, and the interlinking Dunas Suites & Villa Resort and Dunas Maspalomas Resort. The resort extends all the way to the Nevada-impersonating interior which houses the exclusive Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Resort. For a lighter-on-your-wallet option, there are the self-catering Apartamentos El Capricho.

2. Cool down in Maspalomas

Gran Canaria’s climate’s more korma mild than phaal hot. But if you’re feeling the heat, a bracing dip in the Atlantic will help restore your cool. Whilst thermometers measure its temperature as not that much lower than out of the air, we’re not taking about the balmy Mediterranean Sea here.

Another way to chill is to take off all your clothes in public. Which you can legally do in the nudist (middle) section of the resort’s beach. Although plenty of textiles will be walking past you, on their journey from one end of the 2,710m-long beach to the other.

A further option is to sip on a cold one. Go local by drinking island fave, Tropical. Or take your pick of ice-cream from the parlours which are open all year round.

3. Eat well in Maspalomas

Here, there’s less of a tendency to offer comfort food than in other resorts. So, you’ll find more experimental cheffery than pub grub. Particularly at the likes of local fixture, Samsara Gran Canaria where they go big on fusion and small on convention.

Similarly inventive is the kitchen at A.Gaudi in El Tablero. Where Patrick Hartl combines mango and mustard to create a condiment to accompany his lightly-smoked salmon. And duck swims in a sea of passion fruit.

Head to San Fernando to discover Abrasa, a grill that’s nonetheless got plenty on the menu for vegetarians. Nearby, Restaurante Etiopico Afrika, the island’s first Ethiopian restaurants, caters for vegans. Another healthy eatery, also in San Fernando, is La Palmera Sur which has many gluten-free options.

4. Explore Maspalomas

As well as some of Gran Canaria’s leading hotels, its second-longest beach, and a selection of the island’s finest restaurants; this resort offers so much more. Like its Charca. This lagoon is a resting place for migatory birds heading south for summer.

Then there’s the Parque Botánico de Maspalomas to visit. This botanical garden is open daily from 10:00am to 6:00pm and, what’s more, there’s no admission charge to pay. Here, 12,000 square metres house more than 500 floral varieties.

You’ll find more cultivated greenery at Maspalomas Golf. That sand in the distance? It doesn’t belong to the course’s bunkers, but rather the resort’s iconic dunas, dunes local scientists speculate may have been caused by the ripple effect of a tsunami hailing from Lisbon in the 18th century.

Further inland, Aqualand Maspalomas is the area’s standout water park. Looking for a money-saving tip? Buy a two-parks ticket which also secures you entry at partner establishment, Palmitos Park which allows you to become acquainted with the island’s avian population.