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Things to do in Meloneras

March 20, 2018
Villa del Conde Hotel and Thalasso

We’re your virtual tour guides who are actually based on Gran Canaria. Allow us to show you around the island. In our latest post, let’s pay a visit to Meloneras.

This is a purpose-built resort in the south of the island. Targeting the more affluent tourist, it was designed to blend into the pre-existing physical environment. But just what can you do here?

  1. Sleep over in Meloneras
  2. Take a stroll in Meloneras
  3. Shop until you drop in Meloneras
  4. Enjoy a night out in Meloneras

1. Sleep over in Meloneras

There are no shortage of beds. But if you want to get your head down, be prepared to stump up for the privilege. Because nowhere else on the island has more five-star hotels per square metre than here.

Local chain Lopesan have three hotels in the area. Their Costa Meloneras resort has one of the best spas on the island, including the famous Womb Room. Meanwhile, if Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s Pueblo Canario is a bonzai version of a typical Canarian village, Villa del Conde is definitely more life-sized. And, at the Baobab behemoth with the safari-lodge accommodation, you’ll be reminded that whilst politically you may be in Europe, geographically you’re in Africa.

Other hotels here include the family-friendly ClubHotel Riu Gran Canaria, the uber-stylish Hotel Riu Palace Meloneras, and the H10 Playa Meloneras which is popular with honeymooners. For a cheaper self-catering option, there’s Caybeach Meloneras. You can also book a number of holiday villas in the area.

2. Take a stroll in Meloneras

Feel the ocean breeze in your hair with a westerly walk from the Faro de Maspalomas lighthouse to the beach at Meloneras. The promenade’s 2km long in total, so it will take you around 20 minutes to get from one end to the other. As well as ocean views, there’s plenty of other things to look out for.

Like the shell lady. We asked if it was okay to take a photo of her. After doing so, we gave her a Euro. She presented us with a conch, which Gran Canaria Local Junior holds against his ear to tune into the sounds of the Atlantic.

Playa de Meloneras suffers in comparison with neighbour, Maspalomas. And not only just because at 460 metres long, it’s around a sixth of its length. However, it’s far less windy and you’ll be able to avoid that awkard moment of reaching the middle section of Maspalomas beach when your children loudly enquire, “Why aren’t they wearing any clothes?”

3. Shop until you drop in Meloneras

In the north of Gran Canaria, the best place to find boutiques is in the capital’s Triana. In the south, it’s here. There are four centros comerciales offering a pretty similar shopping experience.

Boulevard El Faro‘s another Lopesan-owned venture. Look out for designer clobber emporium Feeling who also have a branch in the nearby Shopping Center Varadero, the resort’s original CC. Who knows who you might see there.

Celebrities have been known to pop in for a shop. For example, when filming Wild Oats, Hollywood stars Demi Moore and Shirely Maclaine dropped by. If you do go, say hello to Sergio from us.

4. Enjoy a night out in Meloneras

On Gran Canaria, the shopping centres are not only for shopping. They’re also nocturnal destinations. And so the Boulevard Oasis is home to the Moonlight Cinema where you can watch the stars of the big screen under the stars of the night sky all year round.

And then there are the restaurants. The Lopesan Costa Meloneras houses the sister eatery of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s authentic Argentinian, El Churrasco and the Hotel Riu Palace Melonera is also home to Español, a temple to traditional Spanish food, and Restaurante Krystal, focusing on fusion cuisine. For classic Canarian fare, head to the Meloneras Playa shopping centre and La Esquinita del Mar, and for something more 21st century and international, to K1 Food & Lounge.

A night out wouldn’t be a night out without a visit to a bar or club. And you’ll find two of Gran Canaria’s top nightspots here. Golf-themed The 19th Hole also shows live football and music whilst Aqua Ocean Club features expertly-mixed cocktails and podium dancers.