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Things to do in Mogán, Gran Canaria

March 12, 2018
Playa de Mogán

Want to take advantage of the best weather on Gran Canaria? Well, the south is the hottest part of the island and the west the clearest. Making south-west Gran Canaria’s Mogán the perfect place to work on that tan, although there are so many more things to do in the municipality.

Mogán’s the second most touristy municipality after San Bartolomé de Tirajana. It’s also the end of the road as far as the GC-1 goes. But you’ll be discover everything you need to know about what to do here in our latest municipal guide.

1. Arrive in Mogán

When people talk about going to Mogán on Gran Canaria, they’re invariably referring to Puerto de Mogán, whose network of interconnecting streets and (more obviously) canals has earned it the nickname Little Venice, rather than the municipal capital. As the port is where the island’s major motorway, the GC-1, starts/ends. Capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria lies at the other end of the GC-1 and is around an hour away by car.

If your start/end point is Gran Canaria airport, allow a 40-minute journey for your hire car to negotiate. After the island authorities extended the GC-1, Global followed suit and continued their 91 from Playa del Cura westwards. This is a much more direct line than the all-round-the-houses 1.

2. Hit the beach in Mogán

There are at least 14 beaches to sun yourselves at in the municipality. The ones closest to the resorts, the likes of Amadores, Puerto Rico, and Taurito (which includes a water park), are obviously more touristy and can get pretty packed. For extra towel space or if you’re looking for more privacy to acquire that all-over tan, we recommend heading to Playa Medio Almud on the coastal GC-500 which used to be the sole connection between Puerto de Mogán and the more easterly resorts.

Lovers of water sports will adore Mogán. AquaSports Gran Canaria have centres in both Puerto de Mogán and Taurito whilst Canary WaterSports are based in Puerto Rico. If you want to explore the Atlantic, Scuba Sur in the Anfi de Mar resort offer diving for beginners up; Sea Trek provide a novel underwater experience in the same location; and Puerto de Mogán’s Submarine Adventure permits you to get up close and personal with the ocean without getting wet.

3. Party in Mogán

With the exception of Puerto Rico, Mogán’s a laidback destination which attracts families and older travellers rather than the 18-30 crowd. Clubs tend to be bars with extended opening hours. We’ll cover them in the food-and-drink section.

But they’re very much party people in Mogán. The Fiestas de San Antonio El Chico take place on the June 13th each year as a mark of respect for the municipality’s patron saint, Padua’s Saint Anthony. There’s the usual romeria in which the locals don traditional Canarian costumes and proceed to the church on floats bearing offerings for San Antonio.

Later in the year, as in August’s first Sunday, it’s the turn of the Fiestas de San Antonia El Grande. Again, they have their roots in religion as the natives made a pledge after a plague of locusts wreaked havoc amongst the municipality’s crops. Specific to Arguineguín and Puerto de Mogán, July’s Fiestas del Carmen see the Virgin Mary’s statue carried along the shoreline by a maritime parade of colourfully-adorned boats.

4. Shop until you drop in Mogán

If you want to play with your plastic in Mogán, Puerto de Mogán’s your best bet. Here, you’ll find an outlet of the popular Fund Grube emporium, on Calle Alcalde Miguel Marrero. Where you can buy designer clobber and posh fragrances.

Also in Puerto de Mogán, in Avenida Playa Mogán, there’s a branch of The Mint Company. Where you’ll be able to pick up brands such as Armani, Mulberry, and Paul Smith. Meanwhile, Allkauf has stores in both Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogán, offering a seemingly winning combination of clothing and perfume.

For a more native shopping experience, make your way to El Hornillo on the GC-200 heading to La Aldea to San Nicolás. Here, you’ll be able to pop into Panaderia Matos for bread and cakes. Continuing along the GC-200, you’ll encounter Fruteria Las Casillas, aka La Papaya because of the giant fruit displayed outside, which trebles as a cafe, deli, and greengrocers.

5. Sleep over in Mogán

This municipality is largely a resort. So the holiday accommodation is abundant. One of our favourite hotels in the area is Patalavaca’s Radisson Blu Resort and we’re excited about staying at their newly-opened sister establishment in Puerto de Mogán.

Also in PDM is the grand Hotel Cordial Mogán Playa. Closer to Little Venice’s water features, as in canals, there’s the four-star Hotel THe Puerto de Mogán. Whilst the Gloria Palace group has confusingly a hotel between Amadores and Puerto Rico called Gloria Palace Amadores and one in Amadores itself named Gloria Palace Royal.

Possibly the friendliest chain on the island, Riu, have a four-star ClubHotel Riu Vistamar in Puerto Rico. Also in PR are the stylish Marina Bayview and Marina Suites. Not forgetting neighbouring Morasol Suites whose restaurant staff waited on Mr Gran Canaria Local as if he was royal rather than a humble hack.

Paradise Hotels & Resorts and Princess Hotels & Resorts rule in Taurito whilst timeshare giants Anfi lord it in Anfi del Mar and Anfi Tauro. On the hostel front, there’s inland Friends Hostel and coastal Volver Beach Hotel with lovely views of the port below. Regarding apartments, we recommend Bahía Blanca in Puerto Rico, Amadores Beach Apartamentos, and Marina Apartments in Pu de Mo.

If you’re looking to live here on a longer-term basis, why not drop by Cardénas? They have offices in Arguineguín, PDM, and Puerto Rico. Also in the area are Norcan Real Estate in Puerto de Mogán. And there’s the epically-titled Sunshine Properties of the Canary Islands in Playa del Cura.

6. Time travel in Mogán

The Cordial Mogán Playa’s the only hotel we know of that’s home to an archaelogical park. On our visit, the deputy manager led us and other visitors on a tour. The Cañada de los Gatos site next door, a settlement which the pre-Spanish canarii resided in, is open to the public for a cost of €4.

Getting around the municipality also feels like taking a quantum jump back in time. Whether it’s driving past the Camberwick-Green-style windmill in Molino de Viento on the GC-200 or hiking from the hamlet of Veneguera to its beach through the tropical-fruit plantations. And then there’s the rainbow rock of Los Azulejos, the result of hydromagmatic eruptions 13 million years ago.

7. Wine and dine in Mogán

When it comes to eating out, check out Restaurante Don Quijote, noted for its game including partridge salad and rabbit stew; Grill Costa Mar where sea bream and squid are two of the stars of the catch-of-the-day menu; and House Fusion which offers Danish dishes by day and Thai delights by night: all in Puerto Rico. In Puerto de Mogán, Qué Tal by Stena offers fine dining by way of your food being prepared and plated in front of your very eyes. Booking’s essential for the one daily sitting from 8:00pm.

Also in the Puerto, La Linterna‘s a great place to introduce tapas to your young ones for the first time. Elsewhere, Taj Tandoori allows you to taste the heat as well as feel it. And they don’t monkey about with the monkfish at Restaurante Olivia, serving it as fillet with a side for €28.

Over in Arguineguín, Taste Mesón tailors your meal to your appetite in terms of content and quantity. In nearby Patalavaca, 222ºSW combines local ingredients with international recipes such as Canarian Avocado Guacamole 222ºSW accompanied by pomegranate seeds and fried wonton for €8,50. Stablemate La Aquarela, down the road, changes its tasting menu every four weeks to take advantage of the most seasonal produce.

If you want to make a night of it in (Puerto de) Mogán, go for the show at Barbacoa Gran Canaria with tribute acts such as Bennie Jean as Michael Jackson. An alternative is to share a shisha at Nirvana Chill Out. In the municipal capital, the only available late-night option is Dutch disco bar: Ensayo open from 10 at night until four in the morning.