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Tips for traveling cheap: what everyone should know

July 26, 2019
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The ultimate guide to traveling with literally (almost) zero money

When talking about planning a getaway to any place around the globe, one of the most important issues that hold many people back is… money. Surprised? Probably not, because this is a quasi-universal answer. The real reason is that almost everyone simply don’t have enough cash for it.

5 useful tips to travel on a budget

However, in case that you are one of the lucky ones that can travel and explore new places, we present you some hacks that will help you save some ‘dough’. Because you don’t have to be rich to travel!

1.      Come up with a plan and travel in low season

Doing some research before setting out on a trip is a key point, as having some idea about your destination is a must. For instance, its gastronomy, culture, people or the expensive places that you want to avoid, right?

Of course, trips in high season costs lots of pennies. Thus, it’s almost mandatory to check some online booking portals to search for the best hotels and airlines offers (especially in midweek flights!), as they lower their prices during off season to get more customers.

2.      Visit unknown destinations

Do you know anyone that has traveled to Uruguay, Senegal or Iran? Probably the answer is no, but these are likely to be cheaper destinations and will be a new adventure full of interesting experiences!

3.      Public transport is always a good idea

It may seems obvious, but have in mind that when you arrive at your destination the cheapest way to move around is by public transportation. Buses and trains are always less expensive than hiring a car or getting a taxi.

It’s even easier than you can expect if you familiarize yourself with a map of the public transport routes so you don’t get lost around.

4.      Be a packing master

Packing all you need goes without saying, as this will avoid you to shop while you’re away (besides some typical souvenirs…). In addition, lugging only the essentials will make you feel even more safe, as you won’t have to worry more about your stuff.

5.      When in Rome, do as the Romans do

Traveler beware: tourist guides are a big NO. The reason is that almost everything listed in them will be aimed at tourist, hence prices tend to be higher. Instead, it’s a better idea if you choose less renowned places and simply enjoy trying to communicate with local people. They will always help you if you make the effort! Indeed, a true rewarded experience.

In short, traveling is an expensive thing per se, but as you can see, exploring new places doesn’t mean spending a fortune. If you follow these useful advices, your pocket will thank you for sure! Of course, there are plenty of ways to travel cheaply, so if you are a savvy traveler you just have to choose some of these ideas and… fly away!