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February 4, 2018
Playa de Tufia

Tufia: Can you dig it? Yes, you can

The east of Gran Canaria is where Tony Robinson would have a field day. Because it’s here, in the likes of Tufia, where most of the discoveries relating to the island’s original inhabitants, the canarii, have been dug up. Come 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue, using the island as a marine pit stop, many of them were already enslaved or wiped out by the Spanish conquerors.

Playa de Tufia

Love story

Tufia was a canarii stronghold, built on a hill overlooking the sea. This was done for strategic reasons with  outlying islets used as lookout posts. Legend has it that when the wife of Doramas, a canarii chief, was imprisoned on one such islet he would swim out from the beach at Tufia to visit her each night.

Breaking the law

Present-day Tufia, one of the eight Telde beaches, faces a less romantic future. Authorities have deemed the houses of the settlement illegal as they look to gentrify Gran Canaria’s warts-and-all coastline. To get there, turn off the GC-1 at the El Goro junction and follow the wooden signpost to Tufia, a sheltered cove which neighbours the gustier Aguadulce.

Photo development

Since I snapped this random photo of Gran Canaria back in July 2012, it’s been in local newspaper,  Canarias 7. It was also used by i-escape along with a review of the island’s Hotel El Mondalon. And to think I took the picture in a mad five-minute dash whilst my wife waited impatiently in the car for me to finish.

(Non) Cafe Society

There are no bars or restaurants to speak of in Tufia. For liquid refreshments and light snacks, check out the chiringuito in the beach’s car park. Or BYO, but take your rubbish with you before the wind scatters it here, there, and everywhere.