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Walking in Gran Canaria

April 17, 2015
Walking in Gran Canaria made easy

We like to think we’ve started to get a handle on Gran Canaria. After all, we’ve been going native here since 2004. And in our view, there’s no better way of discovering how the land lies than walking it.

But what if you’re on holiday on Gran Canaria or have recently relocated to the island? Of course, our site can smooth your path. But we’d also like to recommend the excellent, and not just because it’s free, Walking in Gran Canaria app to help you get your bearings.

Recently, we schlepped on over to downtown Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Triana, to meet Richard Clarke, the man behind this sat-nav-style application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Here are three things we learned. In no particular order of significance:

  1. Walking in Gran Canaria’s got Rambling Roger’s footprints all over it
  2. The Great Outdoors is closer than we thought
  3. There’s a new and improved version of Walking in Gran Canaria

1. Walking in Gran Canaria’s got Rambling Roger’s footprints all over it

Rambling Roger‘s one of the many characters we’ve met on Gran Canaria. When Mr Gran Canaria Local wrote about his self-guided holiday with New Experience Holidays, he relied on Rambling Roger’s notes to get him from A to B. And back again.

Although a keen hiker himself, Walking in Gran Canaria’s Richard Clarke hired the services of the more experienced Roger. And he revealed the elder walking guide’s in regular contact, suggesting new treks he’s stumbled across during his continuing adventures on the island. Clearly, this is an app with a good deal of knowhow behind it.


2. The Great Outdoors is closer than we thought

Initially we were sceptical of conducting an interview with Richard at his office. As the original plan was to do one close to one of his favourite walks. Then the Walking in Gran Canaria creator pointed out we would be doing so.

For the application contains directions three walks in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, one of them passing through Triana. We shouldn’t have been so surprised. After all, we have to negotiate a ravine to reach our nearest budget supermarket. Proving that the capital offers walks on the wild as much as the mild side.

3. There’s a new and improved version of Walking in Gran Canaria

Walking in Gran Canaria launched to some acclaim a couple of years again. Initially, there were 15 walks featured. Since Walking in Gran Canaria Mark 2 came out in February, the number has more than doubled. We can’t wait to do all 31.